Welcome to the official website of  REIQ – Reinaldo Quintero!

Reinaldo Quintero is a Venezuelan artist and one of the most promising talents from Latin America. His work has been reviewed in many magazines and art communities around the world like Corel Painter Magazine and Digital Artist.

His fresh and ever changing style raging from anime, comics to animation makes him an adventurous artist, with a wide set of skill that makes his work appealing.

Reinaldo has worked with different clients and private commissions, which currently includes character designs for tabletop games and promotional illustrations for products and games.

Graduated as graphic designer, Reinaldo decided, that he will pursuit his dream of being part of the animation industry, and this passion of learning goes beyond skills. It has become his lifestyle, the pursuit of perfection and professionalism.

Regardless of all adversity, he believes, theres a road of excellency in his craftmanship.